Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19th, 2015

This week for me has been super crazy. I have decided that from now on I am not going to say that we are going to have a baptism because each time I do, they fall through. So now you know that we didn't have either of our baptisms this week, which is ok, because I guess it wasn't the right time, but we are still working with both of these individuals so that they are able to receive the blessings that our father in heaven has for them. 
This week we had really good success with member lessons, which is what we always want, so that when investigators come to church they don't feel as uncomfortable. So that was really good this week. We also found a couple of really awesome new investigators that we are excited to teach so that was really good for us this week. 
On Thursday night Elder Farnsworth and I were a bit down because we had just lost both of our baptism dates and we had only had 2 lessons that day which was really low for a day and so we were a little upset. We went to dinner that night, which we eat at a restaraunt with 4 other elders and we were all there in the back room when all of the sudden a drunk guy walked into the restaraunt. Now, in Peru there is no limit on drinking, and so this guy was as drunk as can be. Our pensionista tried to tell this guy to leave but he wouldn't and he was trying to go past the back counter, which we needed to go out from there, so I told my pensionista to not worry and that I would take care of it. So I took my plate and started walking out but he wouldn't move so I asked him to move, but he wouldn't budge. I then gave my plate to Elder Farnsworth just in case and started to talk to this extremely drunk guy. He was trying to push me to the side to get past, but me being a big gringo, just about twice his height, wouldn't move. He then started yelling all this crap about the United States and about my white skin and blonde hair... Everyone was just dying in laughter, but basically what happened is that my pensionista and I got him to leave... 
He then stayed outside and my pensionista went to talk to him and he told her that he was waiting for me to come out, so she got scared and had us go out the back way on a moto taxi.. hahaha
So that was my crazy experience for the week. 
I hope you all know that I love each of you so much and I am always thinking about you. This Gospel is true, Jesus is the Christ. He is my savior and older brother and for that I am forever grateful for him. God's plan of Happiness is perfect and through the atonement of Christ and living his gospel, we can progress in this great plan of happiness and receive all that our father in heaven has, which is everything. My hope and prayer is that we are all able to do this and stand before our Father at the last days and declare unto him, as Alma says, that our works have been works of righteousness.
Elder Thorpe

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