Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26th, 2015

Dear Family,
There wasn't a lot that went on this week, so this email will probably be really short... Pretty much we taught a lot of people like normal, found a really sweet new investigator that has already started reading the book of mormon and committed to a baptism date. And other than that I didn't have any crazy experiences or stories for this week. It was a pretty normal week for me full of the spirit as usual.
This morning us gringos convinced the Latinos to play basketball and so we drove to where we play basketball and they all showed up with investigators and members and said we had to play soccer, so what we decided was that we would play soccer on one condition that it would be gringos vs. Latinos. Now you are probably thinking that the Latinos took it to us, but us Gringos acutally started out the game really well. My buddy Elder Craft had a sweet pass to me which resulted into a goal. We then ended up stomping all over them and won the game 3 to 0 and told them next time we will have to play basketball and see who is better at that sport... Hahaha 
That was the fun thing that we were able to do this week.
Sorry for the short and maybe boring email, but I hope you all know that I love you so much and pray about you always! 
Elder Thorpe
P.S. Happy Birthday Ashlee!!! I love you
Missionary Selfie

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