Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20th, 2015

Dear Family,

I had such a good week this week! Well, all my weeks are just like that so I guess I can't say that this week was better than the last! We had district conference this last Sunday and Saturday which was really good! President Marler came and talked a lot about the Temple. I am super excited for the temple to be dedicated in just 2 months!

Elder Campos and I have continued with our vision in helping our consejo become strengthened so that they are able to help strengthen the whole rama. We have talked a lot about the scripture about "magnifying your callings" and how we can help members here understand what it means to magnify their callings. I thought it was really interesting when President Marler shared that same exact scripture in the priesthood session of conference because I had just told my companion a week earlier that I wanted to share a message with our branch about that topic. President Marler called 

Elder Campos and I up to help out in district conference, which was a really good experience. We talked about how we can work in the Lord's vineyard with members and through the spirit.
The work continues to press forward here in Chao. We are looking forward to helping a few more of our investigators that we have take the next step in their lives in these next few weeks, and look forward to finding more children of our father in heaven so that we may help them do the same. 
I love you all so much and like always, am proud to be here in Peru, serving my master!


Elder Thorpe

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