Thursday, September 17, 2015

September 15, 2015

Another Month has gone and passed by. I can't believe that I have been on my mission for 14 months today! This time has continually passed by so fast and I'm not sure if It will ever slow down. Every week I have such a full schedule and before you know it my week is gone. My companion and I are just amazed how fast the time has gone by while being together. It is our 4th week together and it feels like we have only been together for 2! Elder Nielsen and I get along so well and we are having the greatest time here in Moche. The work is truly hastening and the Lord is at the head of it.

This last week is a week I would like to call plan tacos! We have come to find out that Less actives love tacos, and so what we have been doing with all the less actives that we meet is that we have been setting up times to make tacos with them. This last week we made tacos twice and they were so good! Before the mission I didn't care too much for tacos, but let me tell you, the way we are making them with all of these less actives has been incredible and I can now say that I love tacos and guacamole! 

This week we wanted to help our Ward council out and so we created a training for all of them to talk about how they have such a huge role in the work of salvation and how we are able to be a part of the work hastening. Everyone in our ward council got super excited to start working a lot more effectively. We established a ward mission plan and we are excited to see how we will be able to work with all the members and the plan that we established.

We also decided to participate in the annual ward talent show here in Moche and we decided to sing Hallelujah in English and Spanish, so that was way fun. Elder Nielsen and I have been working with an investigator named Daniel and he decided to help us out a little bit with the talent show by practicing with us, but he didn't want to get out in front of everyone because he is a little bit timid. He decided that he wanted to get baptized though and so he will be baptized this Saturday! We are super excited for him and plan on visiting him today since it's his birthday. We bought him a couple things from the temple since we went to the temple today!

The temple was incredible. I love the house of the Lord and I know that I am able to receive inspiration and revelation as I search and ask diligently. I love the gospel and I love the Lord. I know that this is his perfect gospel and that he is calling on us all to take a part in hastening his work. He is asking more of us every day and it is our duty to answer his call in hastening his work.
Love, Elder Thorpe

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