Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7th, 2015

If there has been one thing that I have learned this week it is that there is always a reason why our Father in Heaven calls certain people to certain positions to serve and that is because they are ready to receive revelation and act upon it. I'm not sure what this church would do, let alone myself, if we didn't believe in divine modern revelation. The Lord loves us and wants the best for us and for that he blesses us with revelation when we are worthy and ready for it. 

To start off my week Elder Nielsen and I went downtown to go and grab a bite to eat and then to go and buy rope to jump rope since I left mine in my old area... I was really sad when I found out I left it and I was a little discourage about starting up again, but now that I have a piece of rope I am ready to get back into the routine. That night we had a Family Home Evening with one of our investigators and we watched Meet the Mormons. We are super excited for him because he is planning on getting baptized on the 19th of this month.

On Tuesday we had our monthly leadership training with President and the assistants which went really well. We talked about hastening the work of salvation and about the Book of Mormon. We focused a lot on our conversion to the gospel and how we can help others understand that the Book of Mormon is how we can be converted. After the training we went to play some sports, which this time they brought a basketball, so my comp and I went off to shoot with a few other people while everyone else played soccer. We both ended up playing soccer by the end of it. You would think that after being in for Peru for about 14 months now I would be really good at soccer, but that isn't true.

Wednesday was a pretty relaxing day because we were with Hermana Rios the entire day. We met up with her to do room checks which went pretty good. Being a zone leader I am in charge of all the money that we have as a zone and so doing these room checks kind of killed all of my zone budget, but that is alright. We took Hermana Rios to a restraunt in our area which is probably the best food I have had here in Peru. We told her that it was super expensive but all she said was if it was clean and good food, then we would go. So we went and had a great time with her. We were able to get to know her a lot better and so that was a really good experience for us.

The rest of the week we did a lot of shopping for supplies as well as planning for our zone training that we had on Saturday. Planning took a little bit of time, but it was all worth it by the end of it. We visited a couple of other people throughout the week including our pensionista who is really interested in the gospel, so we are super excited for her. On Saturday we gave our zone training, which went super well and was super spiritual. We talked a lot about the importance of members and how we can better work as missionaries as the Lord hastens his work. We are super excited for this next month and for the success that we are going to have.

Saturday night we had a lesson that we invited the bishop to which turned out really good. We have been working with the Casana Family for a little while now and they are now ready to take the next step by being baptized. The wife has decided, but the husband was a little hesitant, so this lesson that we had with the bishop was crucial. We talked about choosing now and not putting things off and as we each testified of the importance of acting on spiritual promptings José, the dad, was able to say what he knew to be true and decided to pray and continue working on being prepared for the 26th of September. The Bishop prophesied saying that he would get baptized with his wife and we know that we will as well. It was really cool after the lesson because the bishop was telling us that he had to say what he said because the spirit told him that him being over this area and this family, should help them understand what God thought and what his plans are for them.

I love how perfect the gospel is and how perfect the spirit works in us. I know it to be true. I have felt it and am guided by it every day to a point where I can't deny how incredible it is and what it means to me. I love the gospel I love my mission and I want everyone to know it. 

I love you all so much and hope you have an incredible week.

Elder Thorpe

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