Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21st, 2016

Well this has got to be one of the greatest weeks that I have had on my mission. I can't say that we taught as many people as we have other weeks here in the mission, but the spirit that I was able to feel this last week was incredible. This week I decided to study all about the atonement which was such a great experience for me! I loved being able to feel the power of the atonement working in my life and for the blessings that I was able to see as I applied the atonement! My companion and I also decided to do an activity with the zone in teaching about the atonement which was super spiritual. One of my all time favorite things to do is testify and hear other testimonies about the atonement! It was such a great experience. 
This last week my companion and I had a lot of success in visiting with a lot of different people. We were able to see a lot of mini miracles throughout the week including meeting a drunk guy. Normaly we try not talking to drunk people but this last week we were on our way home and we took a route that we normaly don't take and so as we were walking a guy yelled over to us to come and talk with him and so we decided to talk to him and he expressed his desires to change his life. The very next day he came to church with us and we were able to go over to his house to teach him about the gospel. The Lord works in mysterious ways and at times we can't recognize the people that surround us that are ready to receive the gospel and that is why we must talk to everyone as missionaries! 
Yesterday my companion and I got a phone call and so I have been assigned to a new zone (still as a zone leader) I have been changed 1 week early and it was because my mission president said that they need help in the zone I am going to, and so I will be leaving tonight to be with my old companion from the MTC, Elder Perkes! I am super excited to go to Chimbote again to serve the people there!
Well. I love you all and hope you have a great week! I'll let you know how Chimbote goes!
Elder Thorpe

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