Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11th, 2016

The Lord works in mysterious ways and at times the results of what he does don't even come in the time that we might expect them to come in but somehow they always come. This last week I was able to see a few tender mercies here in my area of bellamar. On Wednesdays my companion and I teach an English class in our church building. This particular Wednesday there was a familiar face that I recognized but wasn't quite sure who it was until after we started talking and I soon realized and he soon realized that we had know each other before. He ended up being an old investigator of mine that I was teaching in my very first area. It was good to hear from him and hear that his mom is doing excellent. His mom was a less active that we were trying to activate and from what it sounded like to me, his mom is still active in the church. Then on Saturday we took our district leaders out to eat and while we were in the mall I noticed that someone had called out my name and so I turned around and standing before me was another old investigator that I had in my first area named Soledad. I'm not sure if I told you but she was someone that was preparing to be baptized while I was in Buenos Aires but wasn't able to. I am happy to say that she has now been baptized and a member of the church. Where am I going with this? Well to be honest part of the tender mercy was the fact that I saw these two people again and that they are doing good, but more than anything is that the Lord works through imperfectness. When I was in my first area I didn't think anyone would understand me or even remember who I was since I was only there for a short amount of time, but this week I have received testimony that the Lord works through imperfect things to be able to bring to pass his perfect gospel, and through the imperfectness and the spirit, the gospel is taught and peoples lives are changed.
This morning I was studying a little bit about what President Nelson shared in conference about accessing our priesthood. I found myself studying in 1 Samuel chapters 9 and 10. Two priciples that I learned while studying these chapters is that, one, In order to access priesthood power we must go to where God is, meaning that we must study the doctrine of the gospel. And two, we must have a changed heart. Most importantly is that we can not change our heart BY OUR SELVES. God has to change our heart. 1 Samuel 10:9. I know that this is true and I have noticed that by having a changed heart and by understaning the Lord's doctrine is when we are able to access priesthood power.
This week has been a good week and I hope the next one is just as good. I love you all a lot and hope you have a great week!
Elder Thorpe

Elder Perkes and Elder Thorpe

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