Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30th, 2016

Well the month of May has sure been a fast month. I can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of May and that on Wednesday we will be entering into June! All I have to say is that May was a great month. We might of not had a baptism in May but we still had a great month of teaching the gospel, sharing our testimonies, and loving the work. This whole last month has been a month of teach teach teach and teach even more. It has been so incredible to me how much we have taught and how little we have walked here in my area. To me it has been such a huge miracle to be able to teach at all times of the day because that is what I love to do. I love helping others understand the gospel and apply it into their lives. Sometimes it is hard for people to be able to apply it all due to certain situations, but I know that the gospel is here for us and God has a way for everyone to be able to enjoy the blessings that come from the gospel. He is a JUST God and is not just going to let his children suffer without the blessings of the gospel. Sometimes it takes a little effort on our part, but if we truly do all we can to be able to have these blessings in our lives, God provides the way so that miracles can happen in our lives. That is something that I have seen throughout my entire mission and it sure wasn't different this last month. I can't say that I have been the most successful baptizing missionary that there ever has been, but what I can say is that I have shared the gospel and my testimony of an everlasting Father in Heaven who loves us and of his divine plan that he has for us to become even as he is. I know that the spirit has touched the lives of so many people here in Peru and whether they were baptized by me, after me, or even if they are baptized in twenty years and endure to the end to receive eternal life, I know that I will be able to say to my Father in Heaven that I bore his sons name and his gospel with the testimony that I have in my which is that I know that my savior lives and loves all of us. Jesus is the Christ that came into this world to teach his gospel and to teach unto all to repent, be baptized, and to come unto who and whosoever cometh unto him will have eternal life. I know that these truths have been restored through a Prophet of these are last days, Joseph Smith, who saw God the Eternal Father and his Son Jesus Christ. I know that through his ultimate love and wisdom, God the Father brought forth the light of the Book of Mormon and that those the read, ponder, and pray about, will be able to receive a testimony of the savior Jesus Christ and his restored church. I know that it is true and I know that it is directed by Jesus himself through men called of God. Thomas S. Monson is he who directs this church as a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ here on the Earth. And I know that the divine plan of our loving Heavenly Father is that we may return to him as eternal families which is only reachable through the saving covenants and ordinances that are available in his holy house, the temple.
I love the gospel. I know that it is true and I know that all who come and partake of the the tree of life and taste of it's pureness will be able to gain a testimony of the truthfulness of it.
I want you all to know like always that I love my mission. I wouldn't trade anything for these 2 years that I have had here in Peru. I will be sad when it is finally over, but I know that I will have eternity to cherish some of the best years of my life. 
I love you all and I hope that you have a wonderful week!
Elder Thorpe

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