Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October 6th, 2014

My mini missionary actually was only with me for a couple of days, but the rest of the week I was with latinos, so everything was still all in spanish! This week was so great for me! I could tell that my spanish has gotten a lot better, maybe not the words, but the way I speak and the way I form sentences! 
To be honest, I'm not sure what happened to Elder Porter. The President called me and told me that I have a new companion, Elder Diaz, and that Elder Porter needed to be up in Trujillo for his health. I'm guessing he must just be really sick or something. 
Frank has a new date for the 18 of October and this time I don't think it will be moving, but it isn't for sure. 
I am glad to hear that you enjoyed conference and that you were able to go to Priesthood session. It is going to be weird not being in a priesthood session with my Dad for the first time in 8 and a half years!

Since I'm not sending a long letter I wanted to send a few updates for you and the family.
This week has been pretty good! The main events of this week were,
1. In my area we taught a lot of less actives
2. I taught an English class in one of my investigators homes.
3. I think I have grown a little bit...
4. I'm not sure if the last point is true.
5. I love all of you and I hope to send more of a letter next week of how last week was for me and this next week because I don't have much more time to write!

Dear Mom,
I am so happy to hear that you received my letters! Also I am happy to hear that you loved conference and that it was really good for you! As I said in my letter that I sent with the picture, I am not going to write a huge letter, because I have to spend time doing family search stuff, so hopefully next week I will be able to let you all know how these 2 weeks will be! 
I am so happy to hear how the family is doing and that Ashlee's imagination is off the walls! This week has been so great for me, and I learned so much! I know that I needed this week, and I know that because of it I am going to be able to be that much greater of a missionary because of my experience this week!
Mom, I love you so much, and I think about you all the time! There is a song that one of the Elders has here that is sometimes hard to listen to because it talks about saying bye to your mom, and it truly is the hardest thing to do!
I really hope you know that I love you and I am so grateful for you! 
I pray for you always and I hope that you will have a fantastic week this week!

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