Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30th, 2015

How amazing is it to be instructed by men called of God to represent his son Jesus Christ. This last week we had a visit by the presiding area authority which was incredible. He shared such inspiring doctrine that was truly needed by our mission. Elder Uceda came and bore his testimony of the divine work of salvation and what the Lord expects of us now days. It was such a sweet experience to be able to hear from him and to know what the Prophet has asked of us. The Lord is hastening his work and it is easy to see because he is asking even more of us in our times. Something that really impacted me was the He said we no longer can be superficial missionaries nor superficial members. The Lord doesn't want us to just go through the motions or even just do the minimum. He asks us to give all of us. Everything we have. I love the movie Facing the Giants. This last week we shared a clip from it with our zone. There is a lineman that needs to carry another lineman on his back all the way to the fifty yard line and his coach tells him that he needs to do it blindfolded. Everyone yells at him and says he can't do it, even himself says he can't do it, but the coach knew that he could do it. He is there with him the entire way chanting him on, yelling his name saying "DON'T GIVE UP! YOU CAN DO IT!" By the end the lineman is at the other side of the field in the end zone. What the coach says after is key, "I don't want you to go to the 30 nor the 50 but rather I want your BEST!" The mission has set goals for us, the prophet has set goals for us, even the Lord has set goals for us, but what He wants isn't for us to reach the goals. He wants our BEST. That means we will not just reach the goal but we will go above and beyond. As my zone watched this clip they began to cry because they knew that the Lord was telling them at that very moment that he wants our best. 

When I left my old zone I was worried that I didn't do everything that I could do, but as we listened to Elder Uceda my prayer was answered. He shared with us a few key points that the Lord wants us to focus on as a mission and as he shared them I realized that what we had done in the zone Laureles was exactly what he shared with us. I have no doubt that the reason why we were able to have so much success in that zone was because of divine revelation. I know with all my heart that my companion and I were led in sharing everything we shared in our zone and I know that the missionaries were able to understand that it was what the Lord wanted and needed at that time. My trust is in the Lord and I have no doubt whatsoever that he directs this work. I love the gospel with all my heart and know that we will only be able to do what the Lord wants us to do as we put our faith and trust in him and allow him to work miracles in our lives.

Here in Huaraz things have been a little difficult, but I know that I just need to have more faith and put all my trust in the Lord that the hearts of men shall be softened. Although trials and challenges come into my life, I won't allow them to stop putting my trust in the Lord and know that this is his work and he is the one that directs it.

I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!
Elder Thorpe

Oh I forgot to say, this last week we were in Trujillo for our leadership meeting and we went to the temple! Also I was able to say hello to everyone in Moche one last time. It was such a wonderful experience to see them all again.

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