Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 2nd, 2015

There has been one scripture on my mind that has helped me realize how important it is to be an example. Not only the scripture of 1 Timothy 4:12 but as well as 1 John 5:2. If we want to show the Children of God that we love them, we ourselves must love God above everything else and the way to love God above everything else is by keeping his commandments. I've been thinking a lot about that this last week and how by being an example to those around us by keeping the commandments of God, we are showing them that we love them. It is as simple as that. We had an experience with an investigator family that is preparing to be baptized within the next few weeks that helped me understand how we are able to love our own children even more. The wife and husband have both gone to church for over a month now and both have the desires to get baptized. They have 2 children that they love so dearly and would do everything for them. The wife has accepted to be baptized but the husband feels like he wants to know more. We asked them a simple question which was, "Since the time that you have been coming to church and keeping the commandments, what changes have you seen in your family?" The reponse of both of them filled the room with the spirit as they were able to realize that the Lord was blessing them so much in their family. We then turned to the scriptures and read Mosiah 2:41. They received those blessings because they were keeping the commandments of God. We then asked, "What do you want for your children in the future?" Both responed, we want the best. We want them to be happy and not getting into trouble. As they said that my heart was filled with the wise words that John gave us, "If we love God's children (even our own children), we will love God." And we love God by keeping his commandments. We must be examples to our children if we want the best for them. We invited the husband to pray and ask God if this is what he would have him do which he agreed to do. 

I have no doubt that they will be baptized. They are such a wonderful family that has finally found what they have been searching for. I love the happiness that the gospel brings to the family and how much love and blessings Heavenly Father shows to those that keep his commandments. My desires are to always live my life according to the commandments of my father, that I may have the eternal blessings that come from righteous living. The blessings are endless. I have seen them in my life as well as in the lives of those that I have taught. My heart aches to see such wondeful people not accept the gospel because I know how much they could be blessed. No wonder the first principle that we teach to those that we visit is "The Gospel Blesses Families."

I love and pray for you always. I hope you have an amazing week.
Elder Thorpe

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