Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2nd, 2015

Dear Family,

I want to start off this letter by saying that Chao has been growing so much. This last week we had 84 people attend church which was really good. I have seen how much Chao has grown, not only in numbers, but as well as unity and spirituality. It amazes me every week to hear how much our members are growing and getting excited for upcoming events such as the dedication of the Temple.

Wow I can't believe that it is March! I think I say that every month.. haha 
This last week went by so fast! Elder Campos and I grew so much and it is like we have been companions for a good 2 or 3 changes now. We have grown so close together and I feel like our teaching and our area has grown so much because of that. It has been so great training. I learn so much every week and I look forward to growing and learning more each week.

This last week, Elder Campos and I were super busy and had a lot of really great and spiritual lessons. We grew more than I think we have this last week and I think the reason is because of how well we have been guided by the spirit this last week. For example, this last district meeting that we had, we felt that we were lacking a little bit in references and we had the plans to do a training this last Sunday for our branch so that we would be able to help our members know the importance of them in the work of the Lord. As we had this training, many members raised their hands asking for more tarjetas de referencia so that they would be able to give us more references. The spirit was extremely powerful and I believe that many hearts were touched. Also as we walked down the streets there were many members that came up to us telling us about names that they have and that they were going to pray about the names that night. 

Last Monday we played a game called Carnival which basically means you get a bucket of water paint and throw it at each other. That is what the picture is from. 

These last few days and this last week we saw many tender mercies of our Father in Heaven here in our area. Chao is growing so much and is being blessed by our Father in Heaven.
Elder Thorpe
D&C 123:12-13

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